Endurance Through the Storm

March 3, 2009
By Elmairi GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
Elmairi GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
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A whirlwind of tears
Sweeps by and grabs you
By the heart.
Expected yet totally surprising,
It engulfs you,
It spins you around.
Creeps up cat-like,
As varied as the wind.
A storm of emotion
Grabs you and shakes.
Shakes you trembling,
Shakes you so hard.
Heart and gut torn,
Torn to pieces.
Your life ripped apart
And scattered to the wind.
Just as quickly as it begins
The onslaught ceases
The rain moves on,
Leaving overcast skies
Still shadowing you.
Leaving you shivering
Drenched in your own tears
Leaving you crumpled,
Curled on the carpet
A heap of despair,
A fallen sapling
Following a flash flood.
Drag yourself up,
Up, off the floor
Dust yourself off
Shed the caked mud;
It's an extra skin,
Unnecessarily existing.
It's dark outside now,
Eleven at night already.
You should be in bed.
Open the windows,
Hear the crickets chirp,
Cicadas buzzing,
An occasional accompanying
Katydid, all fill the night.
Pause a moment,
Breathe in cool night air.
Then turn, walk back,
Slide into bed, a single
Sheet encases you,
You're a cocoon of protection.
Sleep tight no tears now.
May God be with you.

The author's comments:
Sometimes, listening to a certain piece of music sparks a particular emotion, which I write a background scene or a poem around. This time listened to "When It's Cold I'd Like To Die." music is an acquired taste... I inherited the acceptance for a bit of everything. I genuinely accept at least a little bit of every genre I know of. And I'm honestly not lying.

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