March 3, 2009
By Anonymous

You're so presumptuous,
so swift to spite me with that forked tongue
and your acidic, corrosive venom
that scathes to the touch.
If you would have looked
below the surface,
underneath this pale, feeble exterior
before dismissing my pleas
with such callous scorn
you might have found a heart
bleeding itself dry.
A heart that would
grip you tight on those
nippy winter eves
and blanket you with
enamored warmth.
A heart that would
wipe clean those
somber tears
and replace them
with an incandescent smile.
A heart that can
learn to love
even the most
quirky, of traits
and embrace them
with unconditional rapture.
But now that voluptuous heart
that had all of itself
to offer
is withdrawn,
for it has now found

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