Where Have All The Children Gone?

September 21, 2016
By Ibikontein BRONZE, Port Harcourt, Other
Ibikontein BRONZE, Port Harcourt, Other
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only one life, not two, just one. I don't think you heard me, I said only one life

The parks are empty
The playgrounds are lonely
We stare on sorrowfully
As innocence has departed finally

The gardens are bare
The front porches are deserted
We no longer care
That laughter has departed

The benches are cold
The swings are rusty
We tread on grudgingly
As arrogance is ever so bold

The shelves are emptied of story books
The library is now desolated
We sigh and feel defeated
For we now breed crooks

The streets are dead silent
Our religious houses now filled with our parents
Our large dinner tables are empty
But we dread to stand as ask the one thing we need to
My love, hush! Let's find a lamp, to see where we ourselves are first...


The author's comments:

  As the world races on with technological advancement 'childhood' is being erased alongside all it's beauty. I held kites when I was a child now, children hold selfie sticks. I spent my time outside with friends I 'knew' and loved. Now children devote their lives to social media, with a thousand and one 'followers' they know nothing about.

  Don't get me wrong I love technology as much as the next person but take a seat my love, and watch. Maybe then you will realize why I ask where all our children are. Infact, where are we all?

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KayTee said...
on Sep. 26 2016 at 10:17 am
Great poem, blossoming skill, more grace


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