Tracks in the Sand

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Take me away,
we can jump in a car,
and singe our own path
with rubber tire fire.
We'll aim the dashboard at that
dark vein of the horizon,
strung across the pulse of the sea,
beating with the freedom we need.
And just drive '
Flattening out the beach for miles,
the sand spraying from behind the wheels,
with the scent of car exhaust and our
vibrant youth intoxicating the salty air.
We'll roll down all the windows
and scream at the top of our lungs,
thrilled by energy and excitement
with the wind in our hair.
Our eyes will shine like pieces of the sky,
sapphire and open to all the earth.
And with these eyes we can
fly through the sandy skies,
below the cloud-filled sea,
on wings that beat inside our heels,
echoing from the rush of the wheels below.
The car mirrors will reflect the sun,
burning a hole in the sky behind us
like a fiery headlight
cutting through the night.
We won't let it catch up.
We'll go so fast, our momentum
will let us feel vulnerable,
with miles of earth and sand
and sea on all sides.
And in that instant we will
understand the immensity of the world,
wishing to shake up the course of the universe,
while knowing that the tracks we leave will
be swept away in the tides by tomorrow.
So we'll just drive,
surrounded by the breath of the ocean,
the heat of the ivory sand, and the frothy
fingers of the surf,
where we will bubble with
the feathery weight of simplicity,
and can finally savor the moment
when all is stripped away,
leaving only naked emotion '
Raw, exposed, and pure.
Like pearly shells left bare in the wet sand,
abandoned by the swell of the sea,
everything that was previously elusive
will be clear.
I need to know clarity.
I need the sky in my eyes.
I need to know how it feels to be me.

I want to fly forever.

Take me away with you.

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