You're Destroying Me

March 2, 2009
By Rosie Froese BRONZE, Salmon Arm, Other
Rosie Froese BRONZE, Salmon Arm, Other
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You're destroying me, she said.
I winced. I didn't believe her.
How could I be destroying her?
She's too big, too beautiful, too bountiful.
You'll never understand, she told me.
What? I always understand, I am far too smart.
You don't think you're killing me,
Don't realize your taking the blood from my veins,
To run your cars and factories,
Don't see that you're taking away my children,
For your enjoyment.
I would never do such a thing, I told her.
She smiled. Yes you would.
You just don't know it, said the Earth.
You don't see it, you're oblivious, she said.
But I am Man, I never destroy.
I am greatness, first in command.
No, you are not, the Earth said.
Someday you'll see.

The author's comments:
I wrote this randomly, out of the blue. It's about environmental damage.

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