A Black Forgotton Rose

March 2, 2009
By Kourtney Moan BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Kourtney Moan BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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a black forgotten rose is an eternal thing
that keeps you locked up with an iron string
you try to break free from its awfull grasp
then your mind goes into a horrible lasp
your heart and feelings fade away
as you watch everything around you die and decay
you lie on the ground ghasping and weeping
when all around you the wind is sweeping
everything you see into a dark cavern of lost souls
the bell chimes and tolls
then you see nothing but a black forgotten rose
as darkness surronds you and your eyes close
then your blood seeps into the ground
and you can feel the reaper as he comes around
he picks you up and then he goes
and the last beautiful thing youll ever remember seeing is that
black forgotten rose

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