March 2, 2009
1 She wasn't aware of what she was doing,
She was truly confused at the time;
She wanted to grow up,
She assumed she was tough,
And continued as it climbed.
6 Living in the body of another,
Breathing air that was not hers,
She borrowed her thoughts,
Fidgeted a lot,
Simply living in a blur.
11 Growing up to grow,

Sprouting just to sprout;

She didn't even have a vision,

Of what her whole purpose was about.
15 She was a beggar of affection,

All she thrived for was attention;

The hardships all sank before her,

Drowning her to devastation.
19 The circumstance of this girl,

Was as hard as metal and tin;

The repercussion of the unintentional laughter,

Began to warn within.
23 Conviction of the mind,

Determination of the soul;

The vision of the eyesight,

The situation handled for control.
27 The grasping of the thread,

Is what withstood her from her death;

Embedding the needle on the platform,

Is why she endlessly shed.
31 Cleansed her inner calamity,

Dusted off the dust;

Bowed down on her knees to pray,

Promising to never give up.
35 Temptation came even further,

Now with the devil knocking on the door;

She held in her inner anger,

Not believing she had gone down once more.
39 Laying in the middle of nowhere,

Hungry and undirected;

She thirsted for his wisdom,

And in a second she was impacted.
43 Affected by his presence,

Aware of his embrace;

For the promise of his vivid words,

Is not to interlace.
47 Mix with the enemies agenda,

Is something that will never happen;

For she has been sprinkled upon,

His promise "Ohh so sapid".
51 The chance of an eternity,

Prolonged and expanded to live;

I have now started a whole new journey,

For I have been forgiven.

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