This is to You, My Friend

March 2, 2009
This is to You, My Friend

Happy or sad,
you were all my fondest memories.
Laughter or tears,
you were the only one to see them both.
Benign or nefarious,
all schemes were created by your side.

Staying up late,
playing stupid games.
Trying new things,
laughing at our own idiocy.
Getting in trouble,
covering for the other.

Trouble-making, clubhouses,
late at night, giving parents a rough time,
laughing at the alien, pulling each other up,
doing each others homework, ignoring flaws,
and not caring who thought what of anything we did.

This is to you, my friend, for everything you are to me,
everything you have been to me,
and everything you have yet to be for me.

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