A Glimpse of Superficiality

September 16, 2016

The song bird sat upon the hill.
No one to look for, no one to see.
It knew the earth was coming to a still
Gazing upon the serene sea.

The green on the grass showed no more
The earth around was turning bare.
It knew something bad was in store
Each blade of grass now in despair.

That blue serene sea, it once was
Turned dark on the horizon now.
It knew the waves would shortly pause
As all of them took their last bow.

The sun and the moon, both gone away
No time could be determined since.
It knew it could not greet another day
Both gone from sight at a distance.

And one by one the flowers stopped
The bees said goodbye to their wives.
Their color vanished with a resounding pop
All power could not be revived.

And now you see what our world could be.
A glimpse of superficiality.

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