Never Seen it all

March 2, 2009
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One may say I've seen it all,
But if you consider everything,
What I've seen is really nothing.
I may have seen a murder take place,
But I've never seen someone die.
I may have seen some drug abuse,
But never have I seen a drug being used.
If you don't know what I mean,
Think harder and you will see.

You have seen a murder,
Someone whose heart is left empty,
With no friends they walk down empty halls.
You have probably seen drug abuse,
Someone who listens to gossip knows what I mean.
But still, I have not seen it all.

If you think about it,
I am the murderer and the drug abuser.
Aor are you along with other.
Though you never held that gun
Though you've never swolowed that pill,
You've left someone behind,
And you've bathed in gossip.
But yet, I have never seen it all.

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