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March 2, 2009
By smileforthecamera GOLD, Syosset, New York
smileforthecamera GOLD, Syosset, New York
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I'm shaking the thoughts from my head
I regret everything I have said
But I will not look back
At the wisdom I lack
For the feeling is already dead

My today's slowly fading to night
This time I won't put up a fight
For tomorrow will come
Where today once was from
So I might as well welcome the light

In sleep I will find all the comfort I please
Forget why I worry, on hold and at ease
To dream is to live in a world without fear
Of the nightmare that's keeping me here

I question my worth in the run
Choose any words under the sun
Talking out, ramble on
All your friends will be gone
Leaving you and your words when you're done

In sleep I will find the escape from this place
Praying up to the sky that I'm not a disgrace
If someone can hear me they'll save me for sure
And at last I will know I'm secure

There's a riddle, a game
Where the point is to tame
What you're hiding in layers
Of darkness and shame

If you win, you're a cheat
Because no one can beat
Their emotions to take
All the blame

If I don't awake by the break of today
You will know there was nothing I did to delay
For in night there is comfort but facing the dawn
Leaves me no where to be but be gone

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