There's Always an Exception

March 2, 2009
By Olivia._. SILVER, North Glengarry, Other
Olivia._. SILVER, North Glengarry, Other
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Flushed, indie girls are bitter,
Turquoise spots and blisters,
Under their scarves.

Lucky I'm not one of them,
Voice like rust and occasional phlegm,
Lucky I don't own fashionable ashtrays,
But you'd still love me anyways.

Blushed, emo boys are tender,
Grey stripes and cankers,
Under their bandanas.

Lucky you're not one of them,
Voice like gravity and constant phlegm,
Lucky you don't buy me bouquets,
But I'd still love you anyways.

The author's comments:
I was told that the piece sounds soft, coincidentally i wrote it out of frustration. I am tired of watching teen couples try to base there relationships on sheer plastic and fakeness. I am constantly surrounded by "lovers" who act as though they owe one another something. I wrote the piece from the view of a couple who is completely realistic, and has a chance.

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