Little Boy

March 2, 2009
By emberae SILVER, Calgary, Other
emberae SILVER, Calgary, Other
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The city and buildings are covered with dust
Despair and anger reign
The bodies are draped in a fatal embrace
The people are filled with pain
Time was when the city was prosperous
And the women were bright and fair
But that was before the little boy
Flew down and landed there.

He came quickly, and warnings were late
As he was stealthy and made no noise
Now buildings are crumbled, and families torn
Broken bodies like twisted toys
As one plane, an army angel
Delivered the little boy down
A country waited breathlessly
In every city, every town

And faithful to their pact they stand
Firm and in their place
Awaiting peace and rest on earth
A smile on every face
They wonder, waiting the long years through,
Hibakusha growing rare
If the little boy will return once more

To shatter the peace forming there.

The author's comments:
THIS WAS INSPIRED BY EUGENE FIELD'S POEM "LITTLE BOY BLUE!". I DO NOT CLAIM ANY RIGHT TO THIS POEM, AND IT WAS WRITTEN TO MIRROR THE OTHER. I JUST REALLY LIKE IT. On a less psychotic note, it is inspired by HIroshima, and the "little boy" bomb. I hope you enjoy, and please note that i am aware of the striking similarity this has to the other poem, and it is supposed to be like that. Thanks!

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