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September 20, 2016
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DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY that’s how it been all my life my name is Davon. I also play for the football team I play left tackle My jersey number is 66 I am also funny loyal royal And cool to hang out with

All my life I been a class clown I can make people laugh so easily like I can just look at somebody or make a face and they will start dying laughing and like people are always telling me that I should be a comedian and stuff because I’m so funny and do plan on going to comedian school and taking comedy classes to help me be successful but being funny sometimes can get you in trouble and part of that is you have to learn when and when to be funny and when not to be funny because I used to always be in trouble for being a class clown but now I try to not be a class clown all the time.

One thing that I also like to do is boxing and mma I have been doing boxing for a while and mma for a little but boxing is fun they teach you a lot of stuff and technique like how to defend yourself dodging, blocking, how to knock someone out jabbing, punching boxing is very helpful and has help me in my life and can do the same for i remember when people would used to just pick on me and i couldn’t do anything and about it because it would either  because they were too big or because i would be too scared and i wasn’t trying to get my a** beat but now
If someone messes with me i could fight back and whoop their a**.

In my future i want to be a very famous comedian and a successful one but like sometimes i don’t
Know like i be thinking to myself  am i really funny do people think i am are they serious when they
Laugh are they just being sarcastic  but i’m like so what it doesn’t matter and if i don’t end up being a comedian i got other plan to help me be successful  but im just funny period i guess you can say it’s natural it’s just in me like i was born to do this and one thing that gives me confidence is kevin heart he is my motivation and especially because he is black and came from nothing and made himself into something and i also plan on being bigger than kevin heart and making millions. 

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