September 15, 2016
By Glenys D'Souza SILVER, Mumbai, Other
Glenys D'Souza SILVER, Mumbai, Other
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Walk straight, sit like a lady
Watch yourself for certainly others are.
Be careful of what you say,
Be careful of where you play.
Shhh don’t speak so loud
You are big now and so is the crowd.
And Mr. A who asked you to decide
You are small now. By my rule you’ll abide.
What are you wearing are you 25?
What are you watching are you 5?


Well, this is what happened when
My age from one became two digits
From 5 to 15.
Those were the days I miss
The fact that I was so small, I didn’t
Have to care about being ‘cool’!
Full of eyes, was never alone
Never bothered about clothes or the new iPhone.
Bad grades? Ha! You are a loser just a dumb birdy.
Good grades? Oh! So you are a nerdy.
No one remembers my name
Now, it’s the adjective before it that brings me fame.


Mom tomorrow’s fancy dress! Says I no more
Its Halloween now- just a trendy dress and contour.
They say it’s the best time of life
Enjoy my friend till you have a wife.
I look into the mirror, I think I look fine.
When I see humans of my age I think to myself
Am I from 1489?


Adolescence was a punch in the face
By a confused fist on a very high pace.
Too small to lie, too big to cry
Hey fancy world! What am I?

The author's comments:

Every teenager goes through this.

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