You live and you learn

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

You live and you learn right,
but beyond that,
you can still see her fight,
shes learned,
yet life still seems like a nightmare,
that slowly but surely becomes harder for her to bare,
with what she has done,
and what the old her has grown to become,
shes still hoping her depiction on life will fade,
because right now her once high faith has fell,
and as you look at her,
she seems empty,
as if a part of her has died,
yet deep inside,
she has truly learned,
not to make the same mistake twice,
not even for the worlds highest price,
shes aware that nothing can mend a true broken heart,
regardless on if you trace your steps back all the way from the start,
now she is stuck at the narrow fork in the road,
in which she has come so far,
yet fell so behind,
and in the back of her mind,
she knows she has lived much,
but still has much to learn.

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