Our World

March 2, 2009
By Marika McClinton BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Marika McClinton BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Our World

For the ignorance,
we are responsible,
to show pride in the pigment,
but not in the individual,
we look beyond what we tell ourselves,
beyond the lovely luxury,
of true happiness and acceptance,
instead we flaunt our ranged colors,
and have become near blind of reality,
that it is not the outside description,
that defines discrete characteristics of the person,
but it is the inside that tells,
and opens to you,
their true colors,
although we all claim we know this,
we also are hypocrites to our own knowledge,
and pigment,
is not a atom in our vast world,
but a grown sun to our day,
this is the belief of some,
now ask yourself,
how far have we come.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece after bieng present during my schools black history month program, and I began to hear how people where happy that Obama was president because he was black. But I thought to myself that it is not Barack Obamas skin color that creates him as a person, but it is the things he's done and who he is inside. This also applies to how Obama didnt come into the world saying "Hey Guys?.. im black.. i think ill do some good things?.." instead he decided as an individual that he would make change for all not just for African Americans.

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