ABC Poem

September 16, 2016
By BRONZE, Parma, Michigan BRONZE, Parma, Michigan
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Absently gazing at papar
Beginning to wonder
Constantly thinking
Does this even matter?
Eager to get out
For this makes me rush
Getting somewhere in the future is what I'm striving for
Halfway through
I'm still trying
Just because it's important
Knowing that I have to keep going
Letting stress get to me
May put me down
Opting out isn't an option
Pacing myself
Quitting when I have to
Rebounding when I need to
School is helping
Today is pivotal
Unknowing is crucial
Valuable is what time is
Who ever you are
Xenodochial is going to help
You know it's true
Zealous in school is going to get me through

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