March 2, 2009
By Juliana Struve SILVER, Evanston, Illinois
Juliana Struve SILVER, Evanston, Illinois
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Once upon a time,
There a young woman who
Lived among the books
In a Library of titanic proportions
She knew all the secrets of the world, despite her youth.
All that is, except Love.
For, she could not understand
How something so trivial
Could be more desired,
Than her beloved knowledge.
She knew of me, of course, (most
Of her thoughts came from the written sentences of dead men),
She believed that only men of old
Were worth the time,
And the young beaus of romance novels
(Though she had never actually seen one)
Were nothing more than imbeciles,
Set on the earth to impregnate women.

Then, one day a boy,
(A young man I should say)
Wandered into her sacred halls
Quite by accident, of course
He was a good-hearted lad
And was curious too,
So he wandered around the large library.
That is, until he saw her, and fell
Instantly under her book-girl spell.

So infatuated was he,
Forgetting all caution,
He ran up to where she sat reading on a table
And kissed her virgin lips.
After a moment of initial shock,
Her eyes closed, body slackening,
And the pair sighed in unison.

Then the boy had to leave
His love,
But he promised he would never forget
And she promised she could never forget
The one who had changed her life
Once, among the books of a colossal library.

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