I am from

September 15, 2016

I am from my mother

From her being and her soul

I am from her life her blood her mind her heart her soul

her body and her spirit

she is my life force

I am her daughter created from everything she is.


I am from being cruel and mean and cold but always hating myself for it once I realized what I've done

From never ending love for her even when I was cruel

I am from the sorrow and guilt

the feelings of thinking I'm the worst daughter ever

the feelings of love and anger and guilt creating a tare in my soul

I am guilt because I love so much


I am from pouring out my heart on aper but unable to do so in the words I speak

From loving unconditionally the woman who brought me into the world

I am from feeling the anger saying the hate then feeling the piercing blades of guilt ripping through my mind herat and soul

feeling nothing but love but feeling miserable and terrible once my anger over comes my rationality

being crul but always hating mysef for it in the aftermath of anger stress strain and sadness

I am love pouring out from my fingers unable to speak these words I type and write 


I am from telling her I love her 

From pouring out my entire being for her in this poem I write for her and nothing more

I am from her

I am made from her

I am love and purity all for my dearest mother

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