March 3, 2009
By Cheyewezzy BRONZE, Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania
Cheyewezzy BRONZE, Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania
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I am addicted
To what used to be
We were so gifted
When it was you and me
I loved your soft brown eyes
I cherished your bright pink lips
I was bombarded with lies
As you grabbed my hips
Yeah we held hands
That was our mistake
All over the lands
With my heart at stake
Your kiss like niccotine
Your hugs like tar
We were always on the scene
As they watched from a far
I still want your touch
This addiction's to strong
It took way to much
for me to just long

The author's comments:
I wrote this to express my feelings. It's about a person longing for another person, but thats not why i wrote it. I wrote thius because i was simply bored and it was the first thing that poped into my head. It could be about a cat, a car, a piece of food, it really just depends on your imagination and what you think of this.REMEMBER IT IS WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE!!!

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