The Night

September 12, 2016
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On the night of the full moon
the light shown over the water
and a man found me in the rain.
He said “Follow me, sweetheart. Just this time.”
I have morals. I do I swear,
but in that moment I didn’t care.

My feet are jumbled, tripping in water
drenched to the bone, shivering in the rain.
He asked for my name, under the moon.
My heart sags, why does he care?
It is pointless, meaningless, just one time.
I pull my hair down and swear.

This feeling should stop time
if it had been with someone who cared.
He said he could solely swear
this would be magnifying under the rain.
Instead I’m lost in some murky water,
being judged by the man on the moon.

But I don’t give my name, that’s merely stupid, I swear
that being exposed and open under the moon
makes me feel sick here in his care.
It’s like a drug when you’re soiled by water.
I would take love any day over this rain
mess for just once in this time.

With his hands on my body, sliding in the rain
I want to compress my lungs and swear.
I want it quickly but also to freeze time.
Want is in his eyes, but for any girl in the light of the moon.
I just so happen to be the girl stupid enough to care.
The only thing saving me now is the cold of the water.

Someday, but not today, I will care.
Soon it will be the perfect time
to jump into the freezing water
that scares me, that makes me swear
I’ll never uncover myself in the sight of the moon
or put out in the bitter rain.

The time had come, to let go into his reign.
Here in the moon light, let him take care,
to swear another regretful night of the full moon. 

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