March 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Frustrations build rapidly
and hollow out my empty soul
They tear through the miseries, the intestines and
rip out the white blood cells

Every min a part of me dies
Every second matches a tear I haven't cried
Every moment I fall halfway to hell
Every instant the situation reshapes
And I can't tell

How badly I want it
Would I give an organ away?
How badly I miss it
Why can't people say
What's on their minds
Becaue they think they know you when they don't
Because they want to trust you when they won't
And at the end of the day
It all just fades away
Into seafoam

Things stack up
And gets pretty rough
A hemroid is located
The going gets tough
But unfortunately
It all eventually
Turns to dust
Turns to mold
One mistake
And your soul is sold
So get over it
Get up
And go and fix it

Seafoam is putrid, pungent, and perpetually present
At the tip of the ocean a dead man relaxes
Disintigrates into seafoam

Don't let the seafoam get you down
Because beyond it lies something that will change the Permanent frown
Somthing that will heal the
Deepest internal wounds
Justice is found
Within us

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