How The World Keeps Changing

March 6, 2009
By Anonymous

I look outside and all I see,

Is the wind blowing a breeze

& lonely trees looking back at me

With street lights that brighten up the night

I look outside again from when I turned my back
Now everything is different
Everything has changed from this and that
The streets are bright now and everything's right now

Then I look one more time
Everything's silent and everything's bare
From the trees to the grass everything's gone
How the world keeps changing I really don't think is fair

The world is big the world is strange
From the desert to the rainforest
Sometimes I just wish I can change from range to range
Without being scared of anything or anyone

Tick-Tock goes the clock while you're waiting
Little do you know the thing you're waiting for is never going to come
When you finally realize their not showing
You hit yourself and start to feel really dumb

While you're lying in bed you feel really sad
Like you're in a race that never ends
You start to slow down then you just drop
'Cause you notice no one's there for you, you don't have any friends

All of a sudden you're back outside
You look at a big tree that is rare and bare
Then you think it's just like you
Sad, lonely, and scared

A zig zag is just like life
From one point to another point
There's those good points and there's those bad points
All that matters is that you live those points to the best of your ability.

The author's comments:
Originally I had to write this piece for an English assignment. While I was trying to figure out what to write I was looking out the window and so I just started with that. -Beyonca

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