The Lonely Personality

September 11, 2016
By Izumi_Walker BRONZE, Washington, Missouri
Izumi_Walker BRONZE, Washington, Missouri
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The Mask of a smile is all she is,
A Facade that hides her pain and sorrows.
Misunderstandings between her and peers,
A drop of sweat falls upon her brow.

She shows her anger to few in numbers,
In private it becomes a Flaming Fire.
A dire wolf hunts it’s prey in the dark,
But she hunts only her Lost Desire.

This Trap of feelings consumes her soul,
Her loneliness is but a shell of ice.
She feels lost and abandoned,
This lord called God rolls only but dice.

She wishes for Freedom,
But is saddened always.
Hiding in plain sight,
With feelings held at bay.

She looks at the sky,
At the stars and the moon.
Thinks of her past and present,
But the Future plays a sad tune.

She wants to feel Perky,
In a life she calls Hell.
Her Enthusiasm is low, but she prevails.
Breaking out of her Lonesome Shell.

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