My Father's Life is America's Message

March 5, 2009
By Kevin Kuscavage BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
Kevin Kuscavage BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
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My father always told me to work hard for your job
Keep doing what you do best and you won't get laid off
But he lost his work overseas to some foreign hands
And then he found another job behind some frying pans
It's been a tough road ahead
But he said 'I'd rather me then you instead.'
So he packed up his bags and left for that D-Town
But the newsman told us recently that they're shutting Detroit down
So he lost it all

This is a story about my father's life
Now his pension plans been cut in half and he can't afford to die
But nothing goes his way
But who else can we blame?
So he packed up his bags and left for N.Y.C.
But Wall Street keeps on dropping and what's worse is the economy
So he left again
He can't even pay afford his own bed

Now I tried to help him with his problems and with his loss
But the wealthy keeps losing millions and they want us to help with their cause
Now excuse me for helping my father out
But when the country can't pay their loans off then our cries should turn to shouts
While Washington is bailing out some rich bankers as the poor keeps selling ground
This is America's message to all the unhealthy towns
Now I might just be one single teen
But when college is on hold just so I can pay off gasoline
Then that's a problem that needs to be seen

Thank you to all the hard working woman and men
To those who can never live their lives again

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