The Comfort of the Light

March 1, 2009
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It was a long dark road.
Mostly just hopeless and lonely.
But once I stopped fighting,
I finally saw some light.
So quite simply, I ran to it.

Unavoidable is the best way to describe it.
Irresistible works just as well.
The feeling I had become all too familiar with'Pain.
It finally left me alone.
Now there was a distant feeling I had not remembered:

The road stayed bright
And ever so hopeful.
I knew where I was going.
There was a plan and a purpose.
And I knew He was right there with me.
Supporting the progress I had made.

Each step of the way,
I knew I staying on the path.
I knew He was pleased.
'Well done my good and faithful servant.'
Then upon hearing that, I too was pleased.

But the road is starting to wind.
It's gradually getting dimmer, too.
Where it's leading'
No one knows'Other than Him...

I'm nervous. And scared.
But what's new?
Maybe that's just the thrill of it all.
Irregardless, I will do whatever it takes.
I would feel much better back in the comfort of the light.

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