Temptation and Triumph

September 5, 2016
By UniqueCookie GOLD, Steubenville, Ohio
UniqueCookie GOLD, Steubenville, Ohio
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"Remember, you were born to soar with eagles not to peck and cluck with chickens - Reach - Stretch - Soar! ~ Unknown

I hope for inspiration.
I cry out in despair.
I wallow in frustration.
I try to braid my hair.


My tired brain is seething,
I can barely make it think,
But I’ve written about everything,
Except the kitchen sink.


I have two more poems left to write,
And two weeks before they’re due.
I know the end’s almost in sight
But I don’t know what to do!


After writing seven poems,
My brain is completely fried.
Like a plant drained of all its phloem,
I have no energy left inside.


My tired hand just scribbles now,
But I can’t make my words soar.
My writing still just seems to meow,
When I'm begging it to roar!


But my stagnant thoughts just lie
On my paper like a mat.
I’m so stressed I just might cry,
But what good would come of that?


I could tear up all my work
And crumple it in a ball.
You might just see me smirk
As I throw it at the wall.


But what would my professor say
If he could see me now?
“You will eventually find a way!”
I know I will…but how?


I should try and finish these
Before the day before they’re due.
“Oh, Professor, have mercy please!
…I would if I were you….”


I have just managed to finish one!  Oh!
That IS a pleasant sight!
Now I have only one more poem to go
But I’ll work on that some other night!

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem in imitation of: Neither Out Far Nor In Deep, by Robert Frost.  I had six poems due as a final and this was the second last one...but after writing four poems already, I had nothing left to write about except the fact I could think of nothing to write about!  I hope my consternation provides some amusement!

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Gemini said...
on Sep. 13 2016 at 12:35 am
Very talented I should say and very imaginative

Gemini said...
on Sep. 13 2016 at 12:35 am
Very talented I should say and very imaginative


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