Life In A Nutshell

August 31, 2016
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Dark days turn into bright nights,
with the sky full of twinkling stars,
being full of bright dancing lights.
The wind dies down to a slight breeze,
makes you forget all your scars,
puts your state of mind at ease,
this world full of possibility is ours,
on these wonderful bright nights.

The storm continues with ferocity,
but your in the calm eye,
catching all your awe and curiosity,
staring around as disaster strikes all around,
but you don't feel the need to cry,
you know help will let them be found,
so you just calmly bid them good-bye,
without much generosity.

In the end you remain unharmed but alone,
with the loneliness haunting you in your sleep.
you begin to regret what limits you've never gone,
regret those you've never loved,
regret those thoughts you never got to keep,
but only your loneliness remains beloved,
and the regret is no longer hidden deep,
the regret for the never known.

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