March 1, 2009
I see things.


No one else can.

So hard to describe.



Every value of the supernatural world.

No one can save me.

I'm in too deep now.

Those things are coming for me.

They aren't too far now.

Only about a mile away.

They are coming to stop me from sharing their secret with the world.

But what would it matter anyway?

They'd only stick me in a mental institution.

They are now here.

Ready to take me.

Ready to take my sight.

Ready to take the only thing that still makes me sane.

I know what is going to happen.

Its much better than a world where you can't be yourself.

But its still pure hell at the same time.

I let them take me away now.

I'll never talk to any of you again.

Never write another poem like this one.

But to pass on my legacy I give you my sight.

So you can see things no one but me has ever seen.

But be careful.

The very same thing might happen to you.

Don't let anyone know.

Don't let our secret out.

If you do...

Things just might end up that much worse.

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