A New Filter

August 27, 2016
By aferg3 BRONZE, Auburn, Alabama
aferg3 BRONZE, Auburn, Alabama
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In society today what matters the most
Is what filter you use and what picture you post
We edit ourselves to cover our flaws
We comment and like without reason or cause
We’ve abandoned our values and tried our best
To speak in 140 characters or less
Somewhere way back we gave into the lies
That say we have to look pretty and be a certain size
We have to make ourselves up to some fake plastic doll
Who has everything together who will never fall
We put on this show for others to see
We’ve distorted this picture of true beauty
But what if our eyes saw a soul not a face
This definition of beauty would be erased
If we don’t feel good we’ll make others feel worse
We accept all the charges and give into the curse
We make up these standards then ask ourselves why
Cyber bullying is the main cause of teenage suicide
We share what we think without thinking at all
Because our words shame and make others feel small
Our fingers will type what our lips won’t say
We hide behind screens so we think it’s okay
Some people have shared that the way to live
Is to always receive and never to give
No compliment or thank you no smile or wave
You can do as you please however you behave
You can tweet a rude sentence or post on Snapchat
You can laugh and comment “lol ur fat”
But you don’t understand the pain that you bring
Your laughter your comments they hurt and they sting
As society today we need a new filter
On our words on our actions and we don’t need to guilt her
Into looking and trying to be someone she’s not
Instead we should change how beauty is taught
It’s not found in a comment a follower or friend
But in the kindness you have and the grace you extend
No need to bring others down to make us feel good
And for those out there who feel misunderstood
Your time in now your place is here
To make the shame and hurt disappear
Step away from the camera and take off your mask
Because as of today you have a new task
Show others the real you that’s gone astray
Put all the makeup editing and filters away
It’s time for society to start playing our part
And show that true beauty is only found in your heart

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