What if reality wasnt as it seemed??

March 1, 2009
By xxBrittanyxx BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
xxBrittanyxx BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
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Looking up and always dreaming
Wondering if what I've done
What I've been living for and waiting for
Is the right thing
If I truly belong here
If I do truly exist

Or if this is all just someone's wild dream
If we are real
Or if anything's real
What if everything just doesn't exist?
What if when in 2012
When the world "ends" what if that means that someone woke up?
What if that means that?
Now they're alive
Living and preventing what happened to our world
From happening to theirs

What if we aren't the only ones in existence?
What if we are the dead?
and the dead are the living?
What if this is not reality
What if everything we've been taught
and believed in,
Is a lie?

What if when the butterfly flaps its wings to fly
Someone's future changes?
What if when a storm hits
It symbolizes someone's binding pain?
What if the rain is someone's tears?
They're acid tears though
So, that someone must be in anguish

So much pain
That their tears burn their skin
What if all the evil in this world
What if all the starvation
All the war
All the pollution
All the abuse
What if one person in this dream we call life
Could make it not exist
Just by waking up?

Would you want them to?
Would you just get angry because your life was over?
What if that one person
Held all this inside them
Knowing that someone could change fate
and destiny
That someone could save us from destroying what we've been given?

Would you want them to?

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