Dear Dream Boy

August 26, 2016

Dear Dream Boy:

His smile was innocent, but his body language was dangerous.
At the beginning, his captivating words took her breath away.
Until she looked into his delightful eyes and his words were lies that he got from google.

Her bright sunny day turn into dark despair.

The word “ I love you.” is burned in the back of her mind.
He said and she felt.

Deep ponder into something that wasn't real,
But to her it was everything.

Her heart aches.Is it a heart attack?
It’s her heart tearing apart...trying to hold on to something that wasn't there.

Memories won't be forgotten,
But he will slowly vanish away.

The more she talked to him, the more she felt.
The butterfly feeling was significant...until it crossed the great divide and slipped away.

Hands are clenching up, mind is hurting, heart is shattering,
Tears, tears are dripping and it's unstoppable.

A part of her is gone, he took her. She doesn’t realize who she is.

She looked at the sky, the beautiful Alabama sky. Thinking. It was not bad memory, but a gift. A gift that won't be missed.

Her soul was kind, her mind was free.

He was a blessing and a curse to her.

All that time she spent crying,she was crying for something that wasn't healthy to her.

She let go. Her heart is slowly rebuilding. Her empathy for other people was rare.

To love, to get hurt, but yet she's still here hoping it will be okay.
She is in piece and he? He taught her the negative things she doesn't want.

Goodbye. There's good in goodbye because it was once something good. He’ll be missing her. And she? She will be moving on to someone that's not you.

And so let it be. The sun will shine when the rain is done pouring. And the frown will be a smile. The curse turned into a blessing. And she is renewed.

So goodbye. Goodbye to what used to be. She's happy,but it has nothing to do with you.
Your only lover and worst nightmare.

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