Feelings Unknown

August 26, 2016

Right, left, up, down,
I don't think you can figure me out?

Stay away and don’t get attached,
I promise you,I’m not your perfect match.

I wanna get close, but then I don’t.
It will not last, I know it won’t.

It’s not the same because you’re not my first.
Don’t say you love me because you will get hurt.

Give me some time so I can move on,
By the time i do you’ll be gone.

I’m sorry my heart hasn’t repaired,
I can’t keep doing this to you, it won’t be fair.

Say you’ll be with me, even though I’m hard to read.
I may like you so please don’t leave.

So don’t be mad if it doesn't go your way,
I was the one that got away.

I once was love and now I’m heartless,
This mind of mine is a mess.

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Sarahbelle2 said...
Sept. 3, 2016 at 11:44 am
I can relate to this so much, and it's so true every word! I love it! Keep writing!
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