Candle Lit Truth

February 28, 2009
By Annette Perez BRONZE, New York, New York
Annette Perez BRONZE, New York, New York
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No saying good-bye.
That was all I ever needed.
To let it all become a distant memory- I'm sorry. It would be blasphemy.
My memories know how to lie.
Yes. They lie. They know what to say.
To leave one in torment.
Memories' So similar to the capable fire in everyone's hearts.
Every memory is a lit candle.
They bloom wildly.
Then they can disappear without knowing.
You would wonder: Was the candle ever lit before? Did it exist?
But you didn't say good bye.
Rejoice together? Would we?
Let me ask: did you say that dreary finale?
I wanted you to never say those words.
Putting out the light of your memory would go noticed-
Because that very flame was cherished.
Always feeling its warmth to save me from the cold.
A little special candle.
I guarded it with my life.
Blistering winds.
Cold down pours.
People with venomous words.
People speaking with ignorance.
Nothing. Nobody.
Was able to put that lit candle light out.
No cost was ever greater than protecting that candle of yours.
That candle never lied to me.
It was the brightest and innocent truth, in which, extinguished the sinful-
No more I would be deceived.
As long as I hold your candle.
The lies have no way of surviving with me.
The lies will live shortly.
They will never take the light from me.
The light you gave me as a shield to save my soul from the deceitful memories.
They were alive.
Always had.
Forever will be'

The author's comments:
I will never forget the feelings I had when I wrote this poem. I always get such a warm feeling when I write words based on the pretty emotions of my heart and a similiar vibe from another's.

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