febuary 14th

August 21, 2016
By , olathe, KS

why did he have to  get sick over and over

why did he have to get hurt

why did he have to go

and why does it hurt me so much

why after so long am i still greiving

and now why did she have to clean the room out

why did she pack it all away

and why did she get rid of it

why would she act so calm

why does time pass like nothing happened

why do i still feel the pain

why did she have to sel his beautiful jewlrey

why does she act like its no problem

and why act like those rings ment nothing to her

while i cry from guilt dies she regrett?

does she regret buying me something from the ring money

does she regret useing the rings money for herself

does she even regret going to that pawn shop

is there any regret at all

and why am i the only one who still cares

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