Two Opposite Lives

August 17, 2016
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Somewhere, two unite.

Somewhere, two say good-bye.

A stone sinks in the ocean,

while a bird flies in the sky.


Somewhere, someone starts a new life.

Somewhere, someone bids his, good-bye

Somewhere, someone has given up,

While somewhere someone hasn't ended his tries.


In the North happiness channels laughter,

In the South tears are being shed

Somewhere, somone suffers from betrayal,

While somewhere vows are being said.


Two opposite lives

in one single day 

Someone lost his hope,

While someone gained a way.


Somewhere, someone is scorched from heat.

Somewhere, someone is frozen deep.

Somewhere, someone eats four meals a day,

While somewhere, someone sans food, sleep.


Somehwere, someone has made new friends,

Somewhere, someone is lonely again.

Somewhere, someone prefers to be different,

And somewhere, someone is following new trends.


Somewhere, someone is scared of the night.

Somewhere, someone appreciates the Moon's light.

Somewhere, someone is given a chance,

Somewhere, someone is punished without a glance.


Two opposite lives

in one single day,

Someone lost his hope

And someone gained a way.

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