In the Rain

August 16, 2016

The hours in the pouring rain
Sailed past like falling leaves.
Never running, never hiding,
Something new now up their sleeves.

As I stand here in the comfort
Of the place and life i’ve known,
I make the great decision
To face the world out there unknown.

One foot is out the door now,
No telling what comes next.
I walk into the rain, this time
Rewriting my own text.

No more running. no more hiding.
The rule now for myself.
Standing in the downpour,
I take back the books that owned my shelf.

Don’t be scared now, don’t be shy.
There’s a world out there uncharted.
You are strong now. You are brave now,
Your old, scared ways now disregarded.

The hours in the pouring rain,
Something daunting once before,
Now a outlook. Now a chance.
This time, there’s a world out to explore.

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