The Song of the Lark

February 27, 2009
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the lark sang its sad song upon the weeping dreary willow as the fish danced in the murky swamp water.
The owl hears the sound of the melancholy tune and awakes readying itself for the glorious feast that is soon to come.
The Owl opens its magnificent wings in complete silence.
Swooping down from the old withering oak tree.
Upon seeing the Lark his deep hunger overwhelms him.
He effortlessly drops into a quiet dive bomb ready to knock the lark off its tree.
But then Its linguistic song reaches his ears.
He pity's the little lark as a tear streams down his feathered face.
He pulls up and leaves, searching for new prey.
The lark is saved,thanks to it's song.
The song of the Lark.

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