February 27, 2009
By Anonymous

you say you're nothing
you're not
you're just not you
you say that you are
but you're not
you don't look like you
mask of makeup
hazel eyes hidden
by a veil of purple hair
and i lie on your floor
it doesn't smell like you
your room is dark
not like how i remember it to
and you're just not you
you're still lost
even when you try
to go the right way
you still fall
even when you try
to run away
you tie yoursef together
with that fake confidence
but you just come undone
and all you can do is
complain, yell, scream, and cry
everyhting lost, nothing won
you cry black tears
rivulets of eyeliner
running down your cheek
you say it's all over
nothing left
you wish you could
start all over
but you say you're too weak
your own fault
your mistakes
you don't know how to clean up
the mess that you made
so you leave it for
someone else
and you feel no guilt
you let someone else feel it
for you
because you're too afraid
and i try to leave
and your mess
but i keep
coming back

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