Never the Same

February 27, 2009
By Anonymous

two girls
one with long brown braids
small brown eyes
the other light-haired
hazel eyes
making up jump rope rhymes
in our auntie's
dusty driveway
getting lost in the woods
behind grandma and grandpa's
and playing in the apple orchard
climbing trees
running through the fileds
sitting on the bridge
the creek running beneath us
our grandma's front porch
and grandpa's greenhouse
the collapsing barn
the haunted attic
and under the kitchen table
playing hide and seek
and newport beach in the summers
crouched where the wet sand meets the ocean
building castles in the sand
do you remember any of that
do you even remember last night
you lie now
flopped on the floor not swept
your hair blonde-purple-brown-blue
hazel eyes closed
i lie on your floor
to take it all in
breathing in the
scent of marijuana
hanging in the air
i look at you
fallen, broken
your innocence
is gone
your promises broken
lies, lies, lies
my trust in you broken
i clutch tightly a wisp of the past
but i know it's
never the same

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