Don't take the time...

February 27, 2009

Don't take the time to make it rhyme
Don't try to make "I'm sorry" sound like anything more than that
Don't bother to be poetic
Don't worry if it sounds too plain
I cannot claim anymore of your time
I don't want you to surrender to me one more second of your life
I want you to live your own life but I can't seem to let go
Just let go first,
Watch my crash and burn,
But don't forgive me,
Don't ever forgive me.
I fear that if you forgive me I might once again consume your life
I might once again insist that every breath you breathe be in sorrow,
That every thought you think is devoted to me,
That I might once again speak to you of darkness
Forget rhymes, don't take the time to apologize at all.

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