Take A Step Back

August 11, 2016
By JQuail14 GOLD, Sac City, Iowa
JQuail14 GOLD, Sac City, Iowa
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Its not about how many breaths you take but how many moments take your breath away! <3

I watched the life leave your eyes,
As I said my goodbye,
I walked towards the door,
With tears hitting the floor,
I hugged your family,
I wish you could see,
The love in this room,
It’s all for you,
Family is blood,
Family is life,
I watched my best friend die,
Then come back to life,
I’ll never forget that day,
They took you by flight,
Like you were already an angel,
An Angel who was growing her wings.
You tried to leave this world behind,
Wanting all the pain to stop,
Wanting all the bad things gone,
One pill,
Two pill,
Three pill,
In just a few seconds all was empty,
Your life was empty,
Your mind was empty,
The pill bottle was empty,
Ready to say your final goodbye,
Life flashed before your eyes,
All the good things in life,
All the bad things too,
It was so overwhelming.
As your tears just kept coming,
You get on the phone,
Begging someone to save you,
At that second you’re confused,
Life or death which do you choose?
I’m screaming where are you,
Where are you?
Your mind is made up,
And you say calmly nowhere,
The phone goes dead,
I can feel my heart beating,
It’s beating right out of my chest,
My mind is racing,
I’m racing to save you.
The clock is running out,
I’m racing the clock of your life,
If I’m to slow the clock runs out,
No second chances,
No restarting the clock,
Then it clicks in my head,
I know you,
I know you better than anyone else,
I knew exactly where you were,
My mind was made up,
I went and found my best friend,
I brought you back to life,
Back to the people who matter,
To bigger and better things.
One day you will see,
This world is so much bigger,
Than just you and me,
You will find happiness,
Love and even tears,
Broken hearted goodbyes,
Kissed than tear you up inside,
But overall I hope you find,
The purpose of love,
The purpose of hope,
One day you will see,
God gave you a second chance,
To find the meaning you were looking for.
You are my person,
You will always be my person,
No matter where life takes us,
If you need me,
I will find you,
Best friends forever,
Until the end of time…

The author's comments:

I found my best friend after she tried to take her life away. I hope no one ever has to go through the pain of loosing someone. I got lucky and she is still here with me today.

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