Internal Flame

February 27, 2009
By MrsTudor SILVER, Franklin, Indiana
MrsTudor SILVER, Franklin, Indiana
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Im stuck
in this box
the walls are inclosing on me
its sufacating
life threating
impossible to escape
I run
run to a place of pain
of pain and hurt
where this feeling intrudes
into my skin
my veins
my whole life is an open book
for everyone to read
an oldtime movie
for everyone to watch
it hurts worse than the paused breathes
more than the intruder
the intruder that is seeping into my soul
the guy
he is so unbearable
but I want him
he is a wall i cant move pass
he runs through my dreams
he is the thing
that haunts my every move
every thought
every look
and touch
it burns
burns to a point in which the flames are impossible
where no water or foam can
stop this internal flame
it incases everything it sees
everything that is good
burns it till nothing but
pure evil is left
the things you hid for so long
opened like a new wound
and your tears become the salt
that pours into your past
and kills off all that is left

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