The Hockey Player

August 10, 2016

I found a friend in a boy once
I'd say I knew him well
He constantly walked on thin ice
Although he never fell


His life was a difficult one
And although our paths intertwined,
This is his story to tell
The place surely isn't mine


But as I sit here writing
About all the things he saw
I'm overcome with wonder
And look at him in awe


That boy did things I could never do
And did them without a thought
For he was the toughest person
But his strength: he saw not


Every day was a challenge
His mind plagued with misery
And truly, it's no wonder
Considering his history


But even with all this going on,
While losing zest for life
This brave, fearless hockey player
Rose above the strife


He didn't fall through the ice
To be trapped with no escape
No, instead of breaking through,
This hockey player learned to skate


Though his troubles didn't leave him
And they gave him quite a hassle,
I glow with pride as I say:
My hockey player won his battle.

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