Fear of the L-Word

February 27, 2009
By Ogonna Obiajunwa BRONZE, Laurel, Maryland
Ogonna Obiajunwa BRONZE, Laurel, Maryland
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I used to think that
the hand clasped in mine
would never let go
but like the naive and foolish believers of love
I was not prepared for the unexpected

The smiling photographs of our first date
now conceived as a bitter memory
the silly girls I made fun of
for crying because of a guy
I now look onto with sympathy

That word that...

Some live for more than life
desire more than freedom
beg for more than water
has become the number one epidemic

The tear on the lonely girl's cheek
the inspiration for the agonizing artist
the lyrics of the heartbroken singer

So shall we join hands and rebel?
swear to never trust again?

we must revisit those aging memories
and change what we have done
Do not be afraid
to fall back in love
or just..
fall back down again

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