I am Poem

February 27, 2009
By Sunlooktung BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
Sunlooktung BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
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I'm funny.
My days are always sunny.
I don't have a honey, but
I got more money.
I can be a sneak, but
I am not a freak.
My friends all know I am cool,
And the ladies, they just
Stop and drool.
I am a video game player,
Don't be a hater.
If you think I am awesome
Then throw your hands
In the Ayer.
My teeth are white
They shine in the night.
When the ladies look
At them they all
Lose their sight.
I stay true to myself
And nobody else.
I am like Will Farrell
Off the movie Elf.
I am livin my life
Just like T.I.
Like everyday is a piece of apple pie.

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