Faking Cadence

February 27, 2009
By JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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My heart beats a fake cadence
A broken rhythm of a deathly dace.
My hearts memories all forgotten
It knows its beat and nothing else.

This isn't real, The beat you hear, the me you see
All are part of my fakened beat
Everything you see in me
That is the cadence I am faking.

Faking Cadence is not something you should do
Not something for the most astute
Not sustainable but for few.
The Faking life is not for you.

This ancient beat of faking cadence
All men know this dirge
It's a song of lonely wailing,
And a sign of heart ex-mirth.

When life is hard the rhythm starts.
But even when dead the rhythm does not end.
My life is wasted on these depressing steps.
I don't think faking cadence is something that helps.

So long have I been faking cadence
I can not sing my real life song
I can no longer hear my real tune
When all I've heard is fake for so long.

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