February 27, 2009
By katie BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
katie BRONZE, Marion, Ohio
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Pangaea O Pangaea what would I do if you would become one again, Pangaea O Pangaea Mr.Wegener was only missing one thing,O Pangaea wouldn't you agree that he was almost there
Mrs.Earth please stay as you are because it would be hard to know that Asia and Europe would be so close to home , it would be so scary
Mrs.Earth your plates moving about creating mountains , volcanoes , and earthquakes scare many people
Plate Tectonics is sometimes hard to process but, sometimes easy
Mrs.Earth your astenosphere has convection currents
O Pangaea you are ancient ,you're only 200 million years old
Mrs.Earth did you know that you're plates are floating and moving about on the lithosphere??

The author's comments:
My eight grade sicence student teacher Mr.Miller touhgt this ieda up for me

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