my nose is always dry

February 27, 2009
By Anonymous

My nose is always dry
and I don't know why

my skin forms a crust
and it crumbles to dust

I hate how it feels
because it always peels.

For endless days
like sun-baked lays

flakes fall off my face
and float with grace

right down to the ground --
I've lost a pound!

Little by little my nose will go
and shower the ground in continuous snow

I'm victim of a horribly cruel theft
for soon I just won't have any nose left!

I'll stroll around town with two holes in my head
like a ghoul from a nightmare, a living dead.

They'll scramble home wriggling and gasping and reeling
and grease up their noses to keep them from peeling

that's what it will take to give them the notion
the only thing holding their skin on is lotion.

But I really do miss the sweet smell of a rose
I'd do anything just to have back my poor nose.

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